“Crash Landing On You” Star Son Ye Jin Makes Her Hollywood Debut

“Crash Landing On You” Star Son Ye Jin Makes Her Hollywood Debut
Jul 10, 2020
12:35 pm

"Crash Landing On You Star" Son Ye Jin sets to appear in an upcoming Hollywood movie. 

OMG! Will she be in an action movie? Drama? Thriller? What what?

Patience la DEH!

On Mon 6th of July, Son’s agency, MS Team Entertainment has confirmed that Son will be starring alongside Avatar’s Sam Worthington in a ……. SCI-FI Movie.


The movie named ‘Cross’ will be directed by Andrew Nicol who has notable works like The Truman Show under his belt.

>2 MINS WATCH: The Truman Show trailer, if you don’t know what that is.

Wait! there is another good news. Parasite’s actor Lee Sun-Gyum is also added to the lineup

>2 MINS READ: Parasite bagged 4 Oscars award, including Best Picture.

The movie will be set in the future that tells the story of people trapped between 2 nations: 1 wealthy and 1 poor.

Okay, enough spoilers. I’m going to stop here.

If you want to read more, here is the article by Channels News Asia Lifestyle.

Ever since Parasite made history in the Oscars, Korean film and entertainment industry are gradually getting recognised by Hollywood filmmakers.

I remember Malaysia’s Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah had launched ‘Project Oscar’ to bring Malaysian filmmakers to Oscar nomination.

>2 MINS READ: Saifuddin Challenges Finas to get Malaysian films to win Oscars in 2-3 Decades

I am excited that this is a great initiative proposed by the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) . It sets a benchmark for upcoming filmmakers to aim high and achieve GREATNESS!

Yet, this better not be a plan like our WAWASAN 2020 that basically didn’t become a reality.

Don’t just say say, PROVE US WITH YOUR ACTION!

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