Malaysia C-Virus Wednesday 8th July: Only 3 Imported Cases For Today! (0 Local Cases)

Malaysia C-Virus Wednesday 8th July: Only 3 Imported Cases For Today! (0 Local Cases)
Jul 8, 2020
7:07 pm

Malaysia has once achieved another all-time low of Coronavirus active cases. This time, we hit another mark for having 0 local cases.

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I wonder how're our neighbours are doing? 

Let’s look at our South East Asian neighbour, Singapore.

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A total of 168 cases was recorded yesterday in Singapore. Looks like cases has declined a lot. Kudos to Singapore for recovering from their second wave hit, and I hope they can reopen the borders for families, couples and friends to reunite. 

*2 MINS READ: Singapore and Malaysia borders may reopen as early as Aug.*

HOWEVER......aren't Singaporeans always very kiasu? This time, you guys lose to us loooo! 

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(Just joking kay! Don't take it seriously.)

How about our East Asia Pacific, South Korea? I wonder how my oppas are doing. Annyeonghaseyo!!

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Wow, looks like my oppas have been working hard in stabilizing the pandemic. My OPPAs are the best. You are nearly hitting the zero mark. 

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Our final comparison will be Trump land- USA. 

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Oh, why am I not surprised? Doesn't Trump always want to make America great again? Well, he is making another history, for helping America win the TOP SPOT in having the highest Coronavirus cases. 

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*2 MINS READ: Guess how many cases they have accumulated till today?*

After comparing ourselves with other countries, who should we thank for saving our country? 

Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah!

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For more information on the latest worldwide coronavirus updates, check out 

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