Tea Time with CEO Session

Tea Time with CEO Session
Jan 3, 2017
9:58 am

What’s this?

23 lucky students were invited to attend a talk with the Group CEO and Executive Director of Paramount Corporation Berhad discussing on the industry leaders’ experiences for the future.


What’s the highlight?

The KDU Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) organized a talk session, Tea Time with CEO session in conjunction of the recent Career Exploration and KDU Internship Fair that delivers opportunities for the students to gain knowledge and exposed to the experiences the industry leader, Mr. Jeffrey Chew Sun Teong who was appointed a Director and Chief Executive Officer in OCBC in 2008 and for having a career in the banking industry, students from the department of Diploma in Accountancy, Bachelor in Business Management and Finance and Cambridge A Levels programme were excited to have a sit down session with him in person. The students were excited and glad to be able to have an insight on his personal challenges and the failures in life that can be taught as lessons to purse their dreams in the future.


Where to check it out?

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