Bans on Cinemas + Swimming Pools + Events LIFTED from JULY 2020.

Bans on Cinemas + Swimming Pools + Events LIFTED from JULY 2020.
Jun 22, 2020
3:24 pm

Malaysia is slowly, but steadily, resuming back to the "Old Norm" as Senior Defense Minister Ismail Sabri has just announced that Cinemas + Swimming Pools + Live Events can begin operating again starting 1 JULY 2020.

Before you get all excited, there are still strict SOPs that must follow with all of these re-openings.

"It also depends on the capacity of the hall, but the usual SOP set, especially on social distancing, must be observed at all times," he said - stating that none of these activities can have more than 250 individuals at one time.

Also, these activities may only take place in enclosed areas -- so no outdoor music festivals and such.

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This shouldn't be a problem for swimming pools or cinema halls cause i don't think there's been any that could handle more than 100 people at a time anyway.

Anyway, this green light also applies to private pools at hotels, gated residences, apartments, and condominiums.

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How many guests allowed into the pool falls dependent on the size of the pool - and lifeguards or supervisors must be present to control the crowd coming in.

"Although there is no restriction for children to use these pools, the government does not encourage this," added Ismail.

"We leave it to the decision of the parents and the management or pool operators of these areas to decide if they would want to allow children to use the pools."

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However, this still doesn't include water theme parks - that are still banned from operating.

Pool operators must register a notification that they are reopening their pools with the International Trade and Industry Ministry's website at

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Question is though...

Seeing what we've seen, is there anyone comfortable enough to snuggle into a cinema seat anymore?

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I'm sure cinemas would've started replacing (or even cleaning up) the seats, but do you wanna risk enjoying a movie on a mouldy (possibly stinky) chair?

Plus....what new movies are even in cinemas right now??

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