Starbucks Coffee @ Home Releases a New Series - Premium Instant Coffee made Quick & Super Easy!

Starbucks Coffee @ Home Releases a New Series - Premium Instant Coffee made Quick & Super Easy!
May 19, 2020
9:53 am

Remember when we were all excited about the first series of Starbucks® Coffee @ Home that was released in SEPT 2019?

Click HERE to read about it.

Well in spirit of embracing a "new-norm" -- like actually having to 'dapao' your coffee to be enjoyed @ home -- Nestlé Malaysia has just introduced Starbucks® Coffee @ Home Series 2!

..and this time, you get Premium Coffee made in a quick min.

Starbucks launches premium instant coffee with Nestlé

Starbucks® Premium Instant (Soluble) coffee!

The new range consists of Medium Roast and Dark Roast coffees, as well as a variety of coffee beverages.

Available in multi-serve tins and single-serve formats, the products combine the unrivaled expertise and heritage of Nestlé in the instant coffee segment with the unique signature premium taste of Starbucks®.

Nestlé continues innovation streak with launch of Starbucks ...

Now here comes some Coffee Talk:
(if you're an "Instant Coffee in a can" drinker, you could learn something here...)

Medium Roast Flavour Palette:

Medium Roast Instant Coffee | 90g Tin - Starbucks at Home

A smooth and balanced Latin American coffee with creamy notes of milk chocolate and nuts.

Dark Roast Flavour Palette:

STARBUCKS® Dark Roast Premium Instant Coffee | Starbucks Coffee At ...

A fuller-bodied, bold Latin American coffee with a sweet roast flavor and notes of delicious dark chocolate.


The new coffee beverages are directly inspired by signature Starbucks® beverages, available in:

1. Cappuccino

STARBUCKS® Cappucino Premium Instant Coffee

2. Caffè Latte

 STARBUCKS® Caffè Latte Premium Instant Coffee

3. Caffè Mocha

Starbucks VIA® Caffè Mocha Latte | Starbucks® Coffee At Home

4. Caramel Latte

STARBUCKS® VIA® Instant Caramel Latte

I'm not saying you should, but would you try making a "Premium Dalgona" now?


Country 92.9

Go get yours now now clicking on your preferred Online Shopping sites below:

Shopee Logo Download Vector

File:Lazada (2019).svg - Wikimedia Commons

To find out what more does Starbucks® Coffee @ Home offer, click below and go browsing:

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