Perak becomes 3rd Malaysian State to Allow Friday Prayers @ the Surau to Resume.

Perak becomes 3rd Malaysian State to Allow Friday Prayers @ the Surau to Resume.
May 14, 2020
10:51 am

Who knows if this decision will stand, but as for now, Perak has just become the 3rd Malaysian state to have given the green light to resume Friday prayers - starting from tomorrow, 15 MAY 2020.

However, there are conditions that people must adhere to...

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"There must not be more than 12 people, including the imam and khatib," says Perak Islamic Religion and Malay Customs Council chief executive officer Shahrul Azam Shaari.

"The mosque and surau committee will also need to identify and approve the number of people based on the number of its committee members and officials."

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Like everywhere else that you go nowadays, you'll also have to get your temperature checked + hands sanitized + made to wear a mask at all times + register in a logbook.

Everyone attending prayers are required to bring their own prayer mat.

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For the purpose of safe, anyone aged 60 years old and above are not permitted -- neither are people with history of bad health and symptoms of sickness.

"Those with a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and cancer are also barred," Shahrul said.

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To add on to restrictions, people coming for Friday prayers are not allowed to bring food and eat at the 'surau' and the prayer session will not be allowed to exceed 20 mins - while the khutbah texts, as prepared by the Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk), need to be simple and concise and not more than 10 mins.

"The conditions must be met or they will not be allowed to hold the prayers."

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The other 2 states that are also permitting Friday prayers @ 'suraus' are Penang and Johor -- as neither states have recording a high rate of COVID-19 cases in quite awhile.

According to reports, Penang has been recording ZERO cases for 3 weeks, while the last report of cases in Johor was about 11 days ago.

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