So What's a Govt-Funded Hotel Quarantine like?

So What's a Govt-Funded Hotel Quarantine like?

While many are thinking of splurging a little to live in 5-star hotels for a few days on for a pretty cheap price, many of you may not be aware of what's actually happening there.

Click HERE to read about the 5-star hotels that have been gazetted by the Malaysian government.

Well this is what you'll see from the front of Sunway Pyramid Hotel, all the way to the lobby...

Not so luxurious now is it?

Well to take us deeper from a consumer's perspective, this returning Malaysian girl from overseas gave us a rundown of her experience living in IBIS Hotel KL.

Hotel in Kuala Lumpur - ibis Kuala Lumpur City Centre - ALL

Have a look:

MYC! CEO Jason Ko's Notes:

So my verdict is that it's not too bad. In fact not bad at all. Most of all it's Free!

To all those complaining online, If you want better... you Pay lah.

This is funded by the People of Malaysia.

We empathize with the Organizers who had to arrange all the accommodations, F&B etc. to cater for those who complain.

It's not easy & we would not want this Job.

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