Malaysian Gov to Announce New Zones SOPs starting Thursday, 9 APRIL 2020.

Malaysian Gov to Announce New Zones SOPs starting Thursday, 9 APRIL 2020.
Apr 8, 2020
11:39 am

Malaysia's National Security Council (MKN) and Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) have just announced that a new set of guidelines and SOPs will be revealed this Thursday (9 APR 2020) in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

According to Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the new guidelines and SOPs will kick into effect as soon as MCO Phase 2 ends on 14 APRIL 2020.

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There is a possibility that these new guidelines and SOPs are to be carried out according to zones that have major reports of COVID-19 cases.

This is to enable Malaysians to have the freedom to move around while staying safe and away from red zone areas.

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Apart from red zones (which you clearly know to stay away from), Green Zones are areas with ZERO Coronavirus-positive reports.

Though there may be some freedom to move about at Green Zones, there will also be the possibility that people living in Green Zone areas may not be allowed to move outside of the Green Zone and people from outer zones (Red Zone areas) may not be allowed into Green Zone areas.

This is to reduce the potential of people in the Red Zone areas infecting people in the Green Zone areas.

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It was reported that the new SOPs doesn't only involve factories, hair salons and other, but it also involves businesses that have a need to operate.

For as long as we adhere to the laws, we hope that there'll be more leniency for Malaysians to roam around.

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