I need a TOILET PAPER, Not Chocolate!

I need a TOILET PAPER, Not Chocolate!
Feb 18, 2020
4:31 pm

by Ng Whai Mhen

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Toilet paper and surgical is now the best gift to be given out, rather than flower and chocolate to boast a relationship with people in this “virus disaster”.

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Due to the strike of the COVID-19 virus, supplies like toilet paper, surgical mask are running out of stock in regions like Singapore and Hong Kong. People urge these supplies in order to protect themselves from the diseases.   

IG Asia Pte., a Singapore online trading company brought up this into another level by giving out 3M Co. N95 face masks to its clients and employees.

Not just big company, ordinary people like Joel Werner also had brought 216 rolls of toilet paper on Amazon to give in to his family and friends after he can’t find any in Hong Kong.

He said it is a better gift than wine to be given now.

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Caring for others is the best kindness during a crisis.

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