Pizza Hut Sends Love to McD & KFC In The Form of a Heart-Shaped Pizza

Pizza Hut Sends Love to McD & KFC In The Form of a Heart-Shaped Pizza
Feb 14, 2020
9:52 am

Love is in the air for our local F & B rivals!

To celebrate the season of LOVE, Pizza Hut made the cheesiest and most endearing gesture that will make your heart MELT!


As part of a campaign to encourage Malaysian to give LOVE a shot, Pizza Hut delivered Pizza Hearts, a heart-shaped pizza, with a personalised love letter to their competitors "Mekdi" (McD), "Kepci"(KFC), "Domeeno" (Domino's) and other competitors. 

Pizza Hut wrote in a love letter addressed to fellow rival Domino's, “Dear Domeeno, my lovely neighbour. Greeting from us at Pizza Heart. Specially made with love and no hard fillings!”. 

Referencing KFC's previous fried chicken and pizza creation, Pizza Hut wrote,  “Dear Kepci, I know you love pizza. But ‘Chizza’ is not Pizza. Here is a Pizza Heart with love from us. We belanje.”

Without sparing their other rivals, McDonalds also received a box of Pizza Heart with a cheeky note that wrote, “Dear Mekdi, your burgers are cool. But don’t be a chiken ah. Give this new Pizza Heart a try. We heard Everyone’s Lovin’ It.”

Boxes of Pizza Hearts were also delivered to Starbucks, A&W and Texas Chicken, all topped off with love letters.

Pizza Heart

“The motive here is simple – if you love someone, send them Pizza Heart. We have mad respect to our competitors and huge love towards our loyal fans so we thought that it would be fun to share a 'Piz’za' our heart through the surprise delivery,” Jean Ler, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut explained in a statement. 

Pizza Hut had announced the Heart Pizza will be available in Pizza Hut chains nationwide until Feb 16, 2020 or while stock lasts.

So if you're stuck on getting a Valentines day gift, maybe order your date a Piz'za your heart. Who knows, it could be love at first bite. 


Now, don't give anymore excuses for not (finally) sending love notes to your crushes!

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