Malaysian Student Kicked out of Rented Home in Australia over Fear of the C-Virus.

Malaysian Student Kicked out of Rented Home in Australia over Fear of the C-Virus.

Curiousity builds as weirder and weirder shits have been happening since the C-virus epidemic and we're wondering if it affects people with more than just fever and flu.

Just recently, it was reported that a Malaysian student was kicked out of her rented home in Perth, Australia by the landlords just cause she was Chinese! glad this didn't happen in Melbourne -- considering that it is more like an Asian city over there.

The student returned back to Perth after a short vacation back home in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year celebration with her family, only to find out that the lock on her door was changed and a notice letter.

“I feel so sad and confused because I didn’t do anything, why has this happened to me?” says the sad student.

Her landlord even refused to pick up her calls or any other forms of contact, forcing her to find refuge at a friend's place.

“We called the police and the police told us they couldn’t do anything about it,” she added -- noting that she was not even allowed to collect her belongings.

OMG this is utter rubbish and pure stupidity!

Such unfair judgments should be penalized, especially since this Perth-based home owner doesn't even know that the C-virus originated from CHINA -- not Malaysia -.-

Now everyone is thinking all Chinese people are C-virus carriers...OMG such ignorance!

Get it straight...

Though the C-virus came from China, it is NOT a Chinese disease!

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