Working in the U.S ...Is it Honestly Preferred?

Working in the U.S ...Is it  Honestly Preferred?

1) Immigration status and Visa

Immigration status is a sensitive topic to talk about, but it is a much-needed discussion, especially when it boils down to employment, labor and equal rights.

From personal experiences of an international in the U.S when applying for jobs, there is a limitation due to visas and its' restrictions (subject to the field you are in after graduating) that you would have to take into consideration. 


2) Starting over in a new place WILL be hard and costly

On top of the cost of buying a plane ticket, there will be costs of buying new items for your new accommodation and your new life.  

Personally, I like secondhand shops. It’s been there for me when I’d moved for work after graduation and didn’t not have extra cash to splurge on new clothes, furniture and kitchen items. 

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Moving to a new place is hard and it feels like starting all over again. It could be challenging at the beginning to find your place and new friends. It is important to know that in time, things will fall into place.


3) Diverse Career Fields

There will a variety of workplace culture and lines of work you could explore. From Arts & Design, AI & Tech to online reviewer and Facebook fake news writer (jk but not really). 

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There is a misconception that when you're working in the US you’d earn more but it really is subject to your field, your skill sets and your employer. In reality, millennials in the U.S are earning less despite being more educated. 


Is working abroad honestly preferred?

While I enjoyed the work that I did abroad, I think there's not right or wrong when it comes to career as long as it is suitable for you. The grass is always greener on the other side. I think it is really easy to get stuck in the idea of "what if" way too much. So, let's all remember to be in the present and to be grateful of what you have. 

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