C-Virus No Longer a "Death Sentence", Hope For Recovery on The Rise

C-Virus No Longer a "Death Sentence", Hope For Recovery on The Rise
Feb 12, 2020
10:19 am

The recovery rate for C-virus is four times higher than the mortality rate at 2.2%!

As a comparison, this is way lower than the SARS mortality rate at 9.6% in 2003. 

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Phew, I'm sure this provides a little bit of relief for us all!

According to the Health Ministry, 3,496 out of 40,555 (8.6%), of the infected cases have seen a recovery. The current death toll of the C-virus worldwide at Feb 10 is recorded at 910 people. 

While majority of the recovery cases are in China (3,468 cases), two men (aged 63 and 40) and a four-year-old girl have reported recovery on Monday. 

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The Health Ministry reports that the C-virus travels quicker in colder weather and most virus like it are reported to be more active in winter times. 

And good news, viral transmission would be slowed down in our Malaysian weather. 

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As our health minister said in a Bernama interview, at least C-virus is NOT a "death sentence"


Vanei Koh good to know!

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