Robbery in Sunny CNY Daylight @ Damansara Jaya!

Robbery in Sunny CNY Daylight @ Damansara Jaya!

by Mitchell W.

Every festive season, it has become quite common to hear about robberies happening, but not so much as one like this case...

A married couple living in Damansara Jaya had gone out for a couple of hours yesterday to pick up some CNY decos and when they came back home, something wasn't right...

The gates of their home were wide open!

As they pulled up to their house, both of the robbers ran out and jumped into the car (we suspect to be a stolen vehicle).

It was reported that the car had a fake number plate and driving licence.

The couple had reported that cash, foreign currency notes and other valuable items were stolen from their home.

I wonder what the guards were doing as this house is in a guarded housing estate...

Watch the full video recorded with the couple's dashcam:

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