(Malaysian in Melbourne) Harry Potter World VS Platform 9 1/2 Cafe .. Which was Better?

(Malaysian in Melbourne) Harry Potter World VS Platform 9 1/2 Cafe .. Which was Better?
Jan 20, 2020
9:08 am

by Mitchell W.

So back in mid-DEC 2019, I took a trip back to Melbourne to visit family -- and no joke, the weather was a killer!

You've heard about the massive wild fires haven't you?

Usually my only plans whenever I'm in AUS would be to Eat + Drink + Sleep + Shop + Repeat...but this time back, something Magical caught my attention that I just had to go kepoh.

A Harry Potter World had opened @ Bourke Street in Melbourne!

If you are ever at Melbourne, head on over to MYERS Melbourne @ Bourke Street and go down into the "dungeon" (jz kiddin')...I mean the Basement, and listen out for the sound of a whirling Golden Snitch!

Well, you'll hear tons of excited young kids and poor parents who are forced to yank out their credit cards...

It is practically 500 sqm of toys, gifts, stationery, costumes, homewares & apparel plus exclusive features like the iconic Platform 9 3/4 photo opportunity!

You'll find everything from Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to actual "Magic" wands used by some of your favourite characters too.

Psst...Harry Potter's wand, along with Albus Dumbledore's and Hermione Granger's, are always SOLD OUT.

Come prepared with a big shopping bag, cause you know you'll be buying a lot LOL.

When I got back from Melbourne, I still haven't had my Harry Potter cravings satisfied yet...

So the next morning (quite jetlagged I must mention), I took a drive to Platform 9 1/2 Cafe in Ipoh!

Unlike the Harry Potter World in Melbourne, this place is all about Photos & Food! 

Definitely a Malaysian thing already...

Here is where you'll come to try your first Butterbeer.

All you need to do is come over to Concubine Lane and it is pretty much about 50m away from the front entrance.

*Hint: Don't try finding a parking cause it is nearly impossible. Take a GRAB...or walk :)

You're bound to have more fun taking photos here tbh...

There's even the iconic Platform 9 3/4 setup here as well.

Plus, there's Hedwig here too!

Y'know what?

Rather than talking about these two places, why not just take you along on my journey?

Watch this and find out for yourself:

So make your decision:

1) Travel Far to Buy your fav HP Merchs


2) Travel Near and enjoy taking amazing Instapix and Food.

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