50% Off on Your PDRM Summon if You Pay with these Apps by 1 Feb 2020.

50% Off on Your PDRM Summon if You Pay with these Apps by 1 Feb 2020.
Jan 14, 2020
10:03 am

by Mitchell W.

So here's another "payment promo" by PDRM to get traffic offenders to clear their debts before the CNY festivities come around -- offering 50% off on your summons and paying it off online without complaints of long queues.

Using these 2 e-payment portals from 18 JAN 2020 - 1 FEB 2020, PDRM are hoping for more traffic offenders to pay up on their penalties through the scheme of paying less.

As though Malaysians care whether 50% or not la...better to clear wipe the slate clean no?

Anyway, use either of these and you'll save yourself 50% of whatever you've been penalized with:

1. MyEG




With an astounding number of traffic summons being issued out every year by these "fantastic gentlemen (...and ma'ams) in white", I'm honestly wondering if this discount scheme is such a good idea...

As it stands, there's been so many complaints of people not paying their penalties, but PDRM keeps coming up with these sorta stuff that only tells people one thing:

"Aiya, don't rush to pay your summons la...just wait until got discount lo."

Nurmunira Alwani wah need to quickly pay my summons hahahahaha

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