Australia's War on Bush Fires .. weapons used? Food !

Australia's War on Bush Fires .. weapons used? Food !
Jan 13, 2020
10:52 am

by Mitchell W.

Here's a new one..

When you see wildfires, you don't only have to pour water -- cause in Australia, they're pouring FOOD!

As the fire disasters in Australia heat up, officials are pouring out thousands of pounds of food like carrots and sweet potatoes from planes -- and no, it wasn't to get a quick free BBQ.

Instead, American firefighters and Australia Wildlife Officials are dumping out food to feed the animals that are being affected by wildfires.

While many are battling the heat and the raging fires, many are also concerned about the wildlife.

Love is scarce these days and we truly appreciate those who go out of their way to care for the forgetten animals caught in the forests.

Do your part and help out in any way that you can -- even minor donations to save all those injured koalas would be of great help.

Remember...and I was taught this from young...

We are Blessed to be a Blessing unto Others.

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