Now trending .. a Real Volcano Wedding Instagram going a bit too Far?

Now trending .. a Real Volcano Wedding  Instagram going a bit too Far?
Jan 13, 2020
10:14 am

by Mitchell W.

"For Greater or Poorer, for Better or Worse"...

This Filipino couple officially won 'The Most Extreme Wedding' in history, getting married just 16km away from where the Taal Volcano had erupted on the same day!

No denying that the spewing ashes from the volcano eruption definitely adds a more dramatic element to the wedding photos, but would you wanna get burnt alive on the most special day of your lives?

Newly-weds, Chino and Kat Vaflor certainly think so -- despite reports and warnings that another "hazardous explosive eruption" would be possible.

Still, their wedding photos were "FIRE" though...

Love still prevailed, with no one (...not even the volcano) objecting to why these two should not be married, as both calmly said their individual "I Do".

Though they were lucky to not have been roasted and their wedding garments not blackened by the smoke, we would not recommend anyone to be this daring.

Marriage means the Beginning of a New Life, not the end of your current one.


Also, on a good note, no Malaysians have been reported to being affected by the volcanic eruption but Wisma Putra has advised Malaysians to exercise vigilance.

"The ministry wishes to advise all Malaysians in the affected areas to exercise vigilance and take necessary precaution, and follow instructions from the authorities."

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