Travel with Unifi and Get UNLIMITED DATA!

Travel with Unifi and Get UNLIMITED DATA!
Jan 11, 2020
3:27 am

by Mitchell W.

In the modern era, there's one very important thing every wants/needs...and that's Mobile Data.

I mean, how else are you gonna use Google Maps or Waze to find your way around right?

More importantly though, is UNLIMITED Data -- cause we all know mobile games like PUBG and MLBB eat a heck lotta it.

...and so, this new year, Unifi Mobile is giving us exactly what we've all wanted for so long -- and the price starts from only RM30!

Unifi Mobile has introduced its Travel Pass Pack that comes in 2 Choices:

1. 7-Day Pass = RM30

2. 15-Day Pass = RM60

Option 2 would be great -- I paid AUS$20 (RM60) for 30GB data...and it would only be activated for just 10 days :(

Both packages include RM5 of pre-loaded airtime as well -- TM charges RM0.20 per minute for calls and RM0.10 per SMS.

Here are some Need-to-Knows before you head over to Sign Up for one:

1. It is 1 registed SIM card per passport.

2. Only available for anyone that is 12 years old and Above.

3. Provide Original Passport when registering -- also personal details including your hotel or accommodation address in Malaysia.

4. The Travel Pass Package is for Non-Malaysians Only.

5. Transaction to be performed with Credit Card.

6. The validity of the pass will be activated upon activation or 30 days from the date of collection, whichever comes first.

7. Upon Reload, 6% SST will be applicable -- if you reload RM10, you’ll get RM9.43 credit after deduction.

8. Travel Pass users won’t be able to buy add-ons including roaming add-ons under the plan but users can make IDD calls immediately without any activation or deposit required.

The Unifi Mobile Travel Pass SIM is only available at the Tourist Information Centre located at the arrival level of KLIA and KLIA2.

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