A&W Signs Agreement of Expansion to 124 Outlets TODAY!

A&W Signs Agreement of Expansion to 124 Outlets TODAY!
Jan 10, 2020
11:41 am

by Mitchell W.

Great news from your friendly neighbourhood Fast Food brand A& is EXPANDING!

As of 2020, there are already 49 outlets.

Today, MYC! was invited to a special conference for the signing of Development Agreement for Expansion Plans of A&W Malaysia.

What a mouthful...I know -- but who can say No to more Rootbeer Floats?!

(L-R) Managing Director of AGABI, Mr. Martin Lim and CEO of A&W Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Mr. George Ang signing official documents.

So what this means is that A&W will be building up 20 new A&W outlets every year, for the next 4 YEARS!

We can expect at least 124 A&W outlets by 2024 -- meaning a whole lot more of RB Floats + sloppy joes + waffle & ice cream, etc.

...and for even better news, we can look out for A&W outlets @ Perak and Taiping very soon!

The era of Nostalgic Memories is making a comeback baybeh!!


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