[False Alarm!] Design Choice or Disaster In Waiting?

[False Alarm!] Design Choice or Disaster In Waiting?

For those who frequent the Bukit Bintang area of KL, you've probably gotten used to the steady hum of construction work and high-rise buildings, giving way to 24/7 traffic jams and pollution. Heck, you've probably gotten so numb and don't even really pay any attention, wondering only on when they will finish!

But for those who do pay attention, someone noticed something that turned more than a few heads. A picture seemingly being circulated around several WhatsApp and Telegram groups shows a building under construction with a unique 'lean'.

Source: WhatsApp

The building in question is the 'Conlay 8', being developed by MCC Overseas (Malaysia) and KSK Group Berhad, which is next to Pullman Hotel in Bukit Bintang. 

But before anyone goes panicking, after a bit of digging, it seems that it's most likely a design choice on the architect & developer's part. Below is a visual promo of the supposed finished product:

Source: Kempinski Hotel

The literal twist of the middle tower shows the design's unique take for the structure, and most likely what alarmed those who took notice when driving past (or seeing the shared picture).

In any case, seems that it's just a small scare and all is fine and dandy (fingers crossed...)

Vanei Koh LOL!

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