Malaysians are being Targeted by Australian Border Security.

Malaysians are being Targeted by Australian Border Security.
Dec 3, 2019
10:19 am

by Mitchell W.

Malaysians travelling to Australia, take note of this that you may be pulled over by border police when you land at the airport.

According reports from Australia’s Department of Home Affairs, Malaysians are on Australia’s list of border alerts -- accounting to 11.8% of all red flags in 2018.

Apparently in the eyes of Australia, Malaysians are so notorious that we've topped China to the list, with 68,417 nationals subject to red flags.

It seems that Malaysians are main suspects of the following:

i) 35,760 - suspect genuineness

ii) 12,934 - debt to commonwealth

iii) 9,867 - overstayers

iv) 1,350 - breach of visa conditions

I mean, I've been personally pulled over by border police for apparently "looking like a gangster" joke, I'm serious AF.

Pray for me cause I'm flying back to Melbourne in a few weeks, and I'm pretty sure imma be pulled over again this time round.

I'll try to get video footages if that happens to me at the Avalon Airport -- TRY la, unless they find my hidden camera.

Vanei Koh hmm..

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