Road Rage goes Extreme as Man Sends a Karate Kick to a Woman's Stomach.

Road Rage goes Extreme as Man Sends a Karate Kick to a Woman's Stomach.

by Mitchell W.

This fight got really extreme...

On a road from Raub to Bentong today, another road rage broke into a pretty shocking fight that could've been easily avoided if only people were a lot more gracious on the road and not using their horn like a gun.

"It was jam and I wanted to cut out from the intersection onto the main road but this woman wouldn't let me get through and honked at me continuosly," says the solo guy who was beaten up by a gang of guys.

"Eventually I gave in and let her move ahead...but I did honk at her back."

The female driver, Elysha Tasha, then walked up to the guy's car and pulled at his car's side mirror before raining down slaps on him.

She was pretty agressive and ballsy, I must say, to go at a fully grown man like that...

"She slapped me, so I kicked her..." he says.

...but of course, no guy is meant to ever lay a hand on a woman, no matter how "crazy" she may be -- so he was pulled away and beaten up.

Despite this being a road rage situation blown out of proportion, this guy really held up on his own -- going up against 4 guys alone.

Pretty sure he must've taken silat classes or something back in school...

Good news is that everyone involved in the fight were able to have a sit-down to talk out their problems and made peace with one another.

If only they thought of doing just that without raising their fists (...and legs), then injuries could've been avoided and other people on the road wouldn't have needed to be held up on the road.

We've all gotta learn that fighting doesn't make you look cool and it doesn't resolve anything.

Sometimes Words are more powerful and effective than Beating on one another.

So lower your fists and say Sorry -- it doesn't cost you anything, and you guys might end up being friends in the end.

Nabeel Equality my ass lmao
Vanei Koh wah

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