Intruder Picked the Wrong House to Rob and Got KO-ed by an 82-year-old Grandma!

Intruder Picked the Wrong House to Rob and Got KO-ed by an 82-year-old Grandma!

by Mitchell W.

In the funniest of stories, 82-year-old Willie Murphy was a victim of an attempted 'break-in and entering'...and yet she still ended up a hero of the neighbourhood when she beat the daylights out of the intruder.

I mean, who would wanna mess with this bad*ass meemaw?

So the story goes that around 11PM last Thursday, someone had rung Willie's front doorbell and shouted for help...

“Please help me! I’ve been shot! Call 911!”

The thing was that Willie, who was just preparing to go to bed, never heard any gunshots go off in the neighbourhood, so she didn't even bother to go open the door.

Suddenly the man rammed into the door and broke in!

What happened next, this dude never would've expected.

As the intruder roamed the house, Willie grabbed the nearest item she could find next to her -- which was a table, and stealthily crept up to the guy and knocked him over with it.

“I picked up the table and just used it against him. The table broke and he fell backwards."

Once he fell to the floor, Willie grabbed a new bottle of shampoo that she had just bought from the store that morning and poured it all over the guy's face.

The fight wasn't over yet...

Willie grabbed a broomstick and beat him up so badly that when the cops arrived, they had to usher him into an ambulance!

“He picked the wrong house to break into,” says the former bodybuilding champion.

She was even given a hero's welcome when she went to the YMCA the next morning.

This is one meemaw that you don't wanna mess with.

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