WARNING! Your WhatsApp Pics & Vids are being Leaked by Hackers!

WARNING! Your WhatsApp Pics & Vids are being Leaked by Hackers!
Nov 25, 2019
7:57 am

by Mitchell W.

Have you been receiving notifications on your smartphone to update your WhatsApp app?

Well that's cause a "problem" has been discovered -- and not one that you will be able to "chill" about.

Your WhatsApp messages and photos could potentially be circulating all over the internet as we speak!

One person in particular noticed this and blasted it out viral -- Telegram founder, Pavel Durov, who has been actively urging WhatsApp users to uninstall the app immediately.

Now we don't know if he did it outta personal gain to get people to leave WhatsApp and join Telegram...but either way, this privacy issue is no small matter.

I don't know if you could recall a video shared quite awhile back; that if anyone had clicked on it, hackers were allowed to access users' messages.

Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, had jumped in with hopes of rescuing its investment by saying that WhatsApp's latest app update would fix that vulnerability -- but does it really? Who is to say?

“Facebook has long been part of surveillance programs, long before it acquired WhatsApp,” says Pavel.

“Unless you are cool with all of your photos and messages becoming public one day, you should delete WhatsApp from your phone,” he added.

So again, we're not saying that WhatsApp is violating our privacy rights and that Telegram is the next best thing to leech on...

However, we will say for you guys to be careful with what you click on -- especially if it is a video or link sent by an unknown number.

Better yet, don't click it at all if it isn't something you were expecting...cause we all have that dumb*ss friend who forwards everything without checking what it is.

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