Developing Leadership Among Underprivileged Youths

Developing Leadership Among Underprivileged Youths
Jul 15, 2016
12:13 pm

What’s this about?

A total of 33 underprivileged youths had the opportunity to attend a one-day camp at Sunway University. The camp aimed to develop future leaders and to inspire the underprivileged youths to strive for their dreams with emphasis on problem solving skills and building confidence to ensure they are prepared to face the society and overcome obstacles in the future.

What were the highlights?

The youths showed huge potential as they undertake the activities held. P.R.E.M stressed on how these youths should be given the equal opportunities to hone their skills which are crucial for their personal development. In one day, the youths participated in activities such as academic and leadership workshop, treasure hunt, field sports and also talent show to help them equip with leadership qualities and enhance their personal attributes. The participants had a much more colourful experience as the program both focused on the academic and non-academic activities with encouraging facilitators who took the time to guide the participants through each activity.

Where can I find out more?

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