Yasmin Ahmad’s Vision Lives On

Yasmin Ahmad’s Vision Lives On
Jul 15, 2016
12:04 pm

What’s this about?

To commemorate Malaysian film director the late Yasmin Ahmad and her impact on love and humanity in Malaysia, 11 Fine Arts students of The One Academy were invited by Yasmin at Kong Heng Museum, Ipoh, a museum founded by her mother Mak Inom and sister Datin Orked, to exhibit their artworks there as part of the museum’s efforts to keep the space active through collaborations with different art communities.

What were the highlights?

Using the messages of love, peace, humanity and other values that are captured in Yasmin Ahmad’s works, the students adapted their point of views of the social issues they feel close to into their artworks.  Themed ‘Moving On’, the exhibition does not attempt to get people to remember Yasmin, but instead, her spirit and beliefs, partly because there had been one less influential voice of reason and understanding. This exhibition proved to be a great chance for visitors to visit Ipoh and venture into its art and culture scene. The One Academy Fine Arts lecturers and students were honoured to have the privilege to spread Yasmin’s message through their fresh artistic ideas in her hometown and also favourite place. The exhibition is open on Saturdays and Sundays only from 28th May to 3rd July 2016. Opening hours are from 10am-4pm located at Yasmin at Kong Heng Museum, Ipoh.

How do I find out more?

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