3 Men Brought Fight from a Restaurant to the Police Station!

3 Men Brought Fight from a Restaurant to the Police Station!
Sep 3, 2019
7:54 am

by Mitchell W.

You've heard about people fighting with the cops and people running away from the cops after a fight...but I can bet that you've never heard of a fight being carried all the way to the police station.

Well, on the positive side of things...this made the police's job a heck lot easier.

They didn't even have to leave the front gate of the station.

It's like killing someone right in front of a court house man...

The fight started when two men walked up on a Pakistani trader at around 1.20am, who was eating in a restaurant in Jalan Ipoh.

"They were asking him about a fight that occured earlier at the area but when he told them he was not aware of the incident, one of the men suddenly punched the trader's face," says Dang Wangi police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Fahmi Visuvanathan Abdullah.

"During the scuffle, the Pakistani man picked up a rock and threw it at his attackers, hitting one of them on the head," he added.

Being that this was gonna result in an unfair fight, the Pakistani trader ran to the nearest police station.

"The two men followed him there and not long after, they started to trade punches right in front of the police officer on duty," says Mohd Fahmi.

Police personnel at the station managed to break up the fight and arrested all three of them for questioning.

So next time, if you wanna fight and NOT get arrested, take it somewhere else -- anywhere but the police station.

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