Primary School Kids will get FREE Breakfast Every Morning Starting Jan 2020!

Primary School Kids will get FREE Breakfast Every Morning Starting Jan 2020!
Aug 29, 2019
9:24 am

by Mitchell W.

Times like this is when I wished that people in my era had the same kinda "luck" as these school students have right now -- which is to eat breakfast for FREE every single day!

I mean sure, back then, breakfast was nothing more than RM0.50 a plate of nasi lemak...but still tho..

"The Ministry of Education Malaysia is very concerned about students' nutritional consumption and is constantly mobilising various initiatives to ensure that our children are always filled with nutritious foods," said Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik in a Facebook post.

"Preschool and high school students are not included in this programme and foods for preschool students follow a different set of regulations," he explained.

Roughly 2.7 Million students all over Malaysia will be benefiting from the 'Program Sarapan Percuma' (PSP) and both national schools and government-aided schools will be included under this programme.

So NO... this doesn't apply to those of you who go to prep schools (private/ivy-league schools).

PSP is expected to run at the following times:

  • 30 minutes between 7.00AM - 8.30AM for morning sessions.
  • An hour between 12.00PM - 4.00PM for afternoon sessions.

As it is only a pilot project running at several schools, the programme is expected to end in October 2019.

Here's a Full Facts Sheet by Dr Maszlee Malik:

We're glad that at least now, there won't be any students running to class without eating.

Oh how we wish the Gov would open this programme to office workers...LOL

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