Attack Of The Killer Durian!

Attack Of The Killer Durian!
Aug 16, 2019
4:59 am

By S. Gul

This one’s going in our long-term memory, guys: NEVER CONSUME DURIAN AND BOOZE TOGETHER!  It has worse repercussions than getting back together with your toxic ex. 

This Thai man is an example of the consequences when he died after he drank white wine to wash down the durian he was eating.

...Now, some of us have friends who are wiser than their years or just better intuition like this guy did….LISTEN TO THEM! 

The man’s friend, Peng, mentioned how the durian victim wanted to buy the golden fleshed fruit and a bottle of booze to snack on while waiting for his bus to come by to go home. Peng warned the hard-headed man to not eat both together coz they might make you go K.O, FIN…...KABOOM! (not a direct quote :3)  but he heeded to none of the warnings..

“I am a local, I am not afraid”, being his last words...

The next day (14 Aug) at 6 in the morning, Peng found his friend dead at the bus stop along Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya with an empty glass bottle and a box of durian. An odd combo to see with a person at a crime scene. but pretty self-explanatory.

There is no definite evidence that alcohol and durian, when eaten together, can turn corrosive in your belly and cause sudden death.

However, people with medical issues have died from numerous odd combos; the ones I’ve heard are panadol and durian & tea and durian...and now wine and durian!

Who knows if the victim had any health issues, but it is better to not take any chances and not go on a durian eating spree after a glass or two after work or the weekend...mmhmm.

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