Traffic Terror! Cars Going For a Swim In Subang Jaya’s Road Swimming Pool

Traffic Terror! Cars Going For a Swim In Subang Jaya’s Road Swimming Pool

By S. Gul

Pull up your pants, and keep an extra pair of shoes in your bag coz things are about to get a whole lot wetter! 

The rain on 14 Aug (Wed) caused major floods in the Klang Valley area: Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ, Kampung Dato Harun to Jalan Templer, Persiaran Kuala Selangor, Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) near PJS toll and Puchong Jaya to IOI Mall which has made it super difficult to get places......

...for car users....

Unfortunate cars were seen trapped (more like having the time of their lives swimmin) in a flash flood in front of the Subang Jaya police station in USJ 8 during rush hour traffic on Thursday (Aug 15).

Watch them floating on by…

Coz of the water rise, traffic is heck slow which is a given (DUHHH!). 

Other than the floods, the Subang Jaya Bomba had to put out a fire in SS19/4 !! What a contrast of events, don't you think? They then were on flood patrol between the areas of USJ5 and USJ12.


The rain can come by any other day so be prepared and stay safe guys! These floods can not just get you drenched, but they could be bringing in diseases/ viruses so take precautions peeps!

That means no going outside for fun fun. Stay indoors where it’s dry and warm. Maybe have a movie night at home and have some me time with a cup of hot cocoa. Yumm!

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