Results of Nora Quoirin’s Post Mortem Just In

Results of Nora Quoirin’s Post Mortem Just In

By S. Gul

These results got out around 2.00PM today by the popo, and we can get some answers everyone was itching to know. 

Granted, losing Nora was certainly one of the saddest tragic news of the year.

The numerous people who reached out to help in the search for Nora, after finding her, needed closure themselves along with her family.  

The post-mortem results showed that Nora had died 4 days before her body was found and no injuries or evidence of violence were found on her…*slow exhale*

Her hymen was still intact, which indicated she was not raped (thank the good lord) and neither did her bruises prove signs of foul play, said the police chief. 

What Nora did have was intestinal bleeding from her ruptured intestine!

Medical experts who conducted the nine-hour autopsy on her remains claimed the upper gastrointestinal bleeding from starvation was the cause of her untimely death. 

After all the tests, she was finally deemed ready to be claimed by her family to be put to rest peacefully. 


one last test results have yet to be released; a blood toxicological tests... 

Hope it all is clear coz I don't think we an take anymore heartbreak at this point..


We all ought to start the healing process as we can only pray for our safety and of those close to us.  May Nora’s family find inner peace and rid them of any self-blame. Nora and her family will be in our prayers for sure.


Vanei Koh RIP..

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