This Place Will Turn Your Cat Into A Majestic Dragon!

This Place Will Turn Your Cat Into A Majestic Dragon!

By S. Gul

We have all watched videos on YouTube of people buying and dressing up their dogs in Halloween, Christmas, or Easter costumes.

I bet it was a Jenna Marbles’ video too. P.S Is it just me, or does Kermit’s cries makes you think of LOL…@[email protected]

Anywho, Daria Gotz, a pet groomer in Yekaterinburg Russia has an upgraded salon to not just cater to mundane baths and haircuts but give a full-on makeover to your cats and dogs and make ‘em look like exotic beings like how this cat got turned into a dragon...

...and this Shih Tzu pup as a striped bumblebee...

The dragon does sorta makes sense but uhh...if ya wanted a bee, why not get one instead of turning your dog into it. A massive bee is quite scary.. 


Watch how Daria works her magic:

First, the cat/dog gets a haircut to get the main shape of the creature you want.

Then out come the dyes. Daria claims they are pet friendly as the are made from natural botanical extracts, and are healthy for the animals’ coats. We sure hope so, coz the dyes don’t wash out and have to be grown out….YIKES!

Although they look cute, the RSPCA ( Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) says animals should not be painted for any reasons of which are purely cosmetics.

I would have to agree - why risk the chance of endangering your pet by dipping them in so many dyes whose side-effects aren’t known….

Initially, people freak out but slowly come around the fact that your cat is bright red. It’s a real treat for kids and could help them get over their fear of animals, if they did. 

Living in a permanent Haloween costume ain't so luxurious or comfy, I'm guessing. Sigh...why not get a fancy bell for their collar instead?


Is this a dangerous form of cuteness? What are your thoughts on the salon’s services? Comment down below! 

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