SIGH, KL Knows How to Work Hard but Not Play Hard.

SIGH, KL Knows How to Work Hard but Not Play Hard.
Aug 14, 2019
12:18 pm

By S. Gul

Not a proud moment for us city-dwellers.

Our hustle and bustle filled Kuala Lumpur has scored the lowest possible score in a ranking of work-life balance. Which probably means we don’t know how to work hard and play hard. 

Instead we're stressed beyond all reason and don’t know how to balance life and work (duhh) as we say to ourselves, "Gotta work to pay the bills (and to feed the boba obsession)"

Life, ay? Ya gotta love it. (note the sarcasm)..

The US-based security system company called Kisi were the ones who made the study, The Best Cities for Work-Life Balance 2019, to see which cities have great working policies. 

Which gives people the time to unwind during their free time and not fret about deadlines during the weekends and which don't...clearly, Malaysia is in the latter and has heard of no such thing - and the receipts are proof! 


They evaluated 40 cities based on 20 work-life balance factors like the number of hours people work, air pollution and grades were issued for each city. Wanna know how KL did?

1 out of 100….

fhrbfjdbcbfwnhjrbfendiesnqkd!!!! I can’t...OMG...Wadafuqqq!? this case, not Fsian...

*puts on PI cap* It’s time we get to the bottom of this and find the reasons for FAILING*sob*

KL isn’t that bad but once the facts start getting listed, honey, it ain’t pretty. Judging on our capital’s worklife and policies, we could have lost marks on our: 

  • 46-hour work weeks
  • 22% of the workforce working more than 48 hours per week
  • long commutes to work
  • low social spending
  • low accessibility to healthcare and mental health services
  • lack of gender and LGBT+ equality
  • high city stress due to dense population, transport, and infrastructure, climate, and economy
  • lack of public recreational green and park spaces
  • higher percentage of air pollutants

Continuing on the joy and putting the cherry on top, Kisi’s study plopped KL in 4th place (don’t get too excited) for overworked cities. We can act wounded all we want but we can’t deny the facts bruh...

Alright, just to cheer ourselves up, let’s have a looksie at some a tad bit unfortunate than us.

If we are upset, imagine how Tokyo feels being first, with Singapore in a close second and Washington D.C in third - right above us. 


We can take away so much from studies like these - perspective being one. Seeing numbers explaining how bad things are getting will give us the wake-up call we needed coz let’s face it -  nothing is happening anytime soon to improve this so why not take matters into our own hands. Start doing things that take the edge off and make the time to socialize with people with positive auras.

Start the change with the person in the mirror. 

P.S...that means you.

Vanei Koh /o\ true.. hard to have work life balance, after joining real working world

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