Pay Literally Peanuts For Personal Deets of 10 Million People!

Pay Literally Peanuts For Personal Deets of 10 Million People!
Aug 8, 2019
5:17 pm

By S. Gul

Regardless of Malaysia implementing the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) six years ago, the average person can literally bank transfer some cash in exchange for names of millions of people including their personal details like MyKad numbers, phone numbers and addresses, even banking details!

I guess the peeps who don’t trust banks for certain reasons were on to something here...

"Personal data from non-public databases being sold does not come as a surprise to anyone and still happens today," says Foong Cheng Leong chairperson of the Kuala Lumpur Bar’s information technology committee, thanks to the Act not being enforced as it should be.

Instead, sellers turned to dealing on the hush-hush.

Managing to weed on of the sellers out - here is Robert. Hey don’t look at me, that’s the name he introduced himself as. 

He expands his services to those who want financial infos about their clients to understand their purchasing power or simply for getting more clients - such as property and banking agents. 

For those interested in Robert’s rates range from RM150 to RM350 depending on how much sets of data you require. 

That is dirt cheap for something as valuable as information of masses of people! 

 RM150 can get you a list limited to around 200,000 peeps in the Klang Valley, whereas Rm350 could set you up for life with a whopping 10 million sets of personal data! What a bargain...uh..not that I’m interested or anything…*walks away whistling* 

Robert could be in serious trouble with the law as the PDPA needs the owner to know if their personal details are used for anything other than what it was collected for or sharing of the info without the owner’s consent...oh Robert...

An anonymous lad who Robert strongly thought was a property agent, got the names and personal deets of 200,000 people emailed to him after he banked in RM150.

Robert mentioned a lot of real estate agents come to him for data as referrals at times are just not enough for them to keep their jobs or businesses running. I get it being a tough world and all, but do we really have to stray from the light? Hmmmmm….

There is definaltely a better, more ethical way of getting what you want to achieve..going against the law will not help things rather make it worse. Earn clean money, coz that's what will help you sleep at night and give a clean conscience. 

Happy (and legal) Earning! 

Vanei Koh TRUEEE!

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