Forget KL Gangster...Now There's Kepong Gangster: Mamak Edition too!

Forget KL Gangster...Now There's Kepong Gangster: Mamak Edition too!
Jul 31, 2019
5:46 pm

by Mitchell W.

This could actually be a snippet for 'Kepong Gangster: Jom Mamak!'...


The first thing that caught my attention was the group on the left side of the watching a movie weyh...

Notice that no one from that table even moved outta the way? It's like just another day at the mamak for them LOL!

So a night of lepak-ing with kawan at a mamak @ Kepong Baru turned into a Tables-and-Chairs fight on Sunday (28 July 2019) when a fight broke out amongst 20-ish Millennials.

The group with helmets, believed to be gangsters, ran up to a table and started beating on a group of Chinese boys -- and unfortunately for the mamak business owner, his tables and chair were damaged in the fray.

Personally, I give big props to the group of Chinese boys for standing up for themselves and fighting back -- but not without sustaining some injuries.

No police reports were released yet so we don't know what caused the fight and if anyone was arrested.

If you're hanging out with friends and some shit like this happens around you, do back off and stay at a safe distance to avoid getting caught in the cross fire -- not everyone will be as lucky as that group sitting at the back there, without a scratch.

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