Teachers In Sarawak Earn More Than You Selling DRUGS!!!

Teachers In Sarawak Earn More Than You Selling DRUGS!!!
Jul 24, 2019
4:42 pm

By S. Gul

Is it cool if our teachers do the very thing they've warned us off?

Even if things, like money, get tight, it is absolutely not; coz that’s hypocrisy - which is something not cute. 

On 22 July, a teacher was caught red handed for expanding his career into drug dealing

It’s hard to believe someone who is an educator and a knowledge provider for our future generation went against the unspoken morals and oath taken when he first stood in front of a class with kids...

...Kids with sponges for minds - soaking up any info and highly influenced. 

Sigh...some just don’t understand how many might be looking up to them. 

The 49-year-old teacher was arrested along with his loving wife (match made in heaven ay?) and an Indonesian fella (the dude buying the drugs) in front of a restaurant in Selangau, Sarawak at around 11am.

Not that I would know, but isn’t that a bit early for a meth hustle?

The time of day may explain why their 9 and 17-year-old kids were riding along. 

Yo teach, if you forgot about your students, your kids would have been a blaring reminder of the societal disservice. 

When the cops got to checking out their car, 3 small packs (2.85g) of methamphetamine (a.k.a Meth, Crystal, Crissy, Tina, Crank, Speed, Shards, Glass, Ice, Go, Whizz, get the picture), conveniently hidden inside a box of cigarettes.

The perpetrators were taken in for questioning and actually admitted to dealing in other parts of town like Selangau and the Mukah palm oil estates area. *facepalm* At least he didn’t try to cover up the crime with lies.  

Apparently, his household wasn’t making as much money as how much was going out.

Hence, he turned to drug dealing and found a supplier in Sibu.

As per popo protocol, the 3 culprits were given a drug test and they all came out negative. Phew..Thank goodness the teacher didn’t turn to using the drugs himself.

They will, however, be detained in jail to help out in catching the dealer and any other baddies in the drug circle. 


Drugs don’t ever hold the answer, but just a distraction. A distraction which will control your life and end it not long after. So Say No to Drugs and help keep your friends,family and loved ones safe from them too!

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