CALL THE COPS! VAPING CANDIES Have Broken Into School Gates!

CALL THE COPS! VAPING CANDIES Have Broken Into School Gates!
Jul 23, 2019
5:00 pm

By S. Gul

Vaping candies y'all!!!

Gone are the times of the occasional glue and magic marker sniffing (good times).

I can’t even wrap my head around what poisonous chemicals could they have..and now they’ve made it into candy?!

Is this a ploy to kill off the future generation?!

Who knows what vaping can do to ya in the long run then why take the risk?

These “smoking” candies a.k.a vaping candies have become super popular in school canteens and their tuck shops.

It doesn’t help that they cost around RM0.50 either... 

They are the perfect price for primary students to buy in schools.

The “cool” smoke-like vapor that comes out when you blow while eating them is what gets all the kids to the yard. 

A woman managed to detain three students from SK Pekan Papar in Sabah eating the candies and asked them a bunch of questions about the new sweets.


..or as the boys called it “having a smoke”.

Coz it really does look like it - they inhale the powder by sucking on the straw and exhale to produce white smoke-like vapor.

The whole process is like a copycat version of smoking a real cigarette. 

The candies are branded as 'Ghost Candy' or 'Smoke Candy'.

The name on the packaging seems sketchy like it is trying to deceive onlookers - the G in ghost is a C, whereas the spelling of smoke is messed up. Maybe I’m just looking too much into it, or am I? Hmmmm…

The whole resemblance to cigarettes has parents intensely worried for their kids smoking in the future.

Smoking real cigarettes that is. 

Although no confirmation has been received about the candy posing any health risks, parents have taken their stance and complained to the Papar district health office for action. 

Whatsapp has a chain messages going around warning parents about these candies:

Puts on translating cap. The message basically gives info on the little suckers being vape powder costing RM0.50, gives off a smoke-like vapor when you blow, and are like "dragon candy"(nice comparison)

Malaysian Community Care Foundation chairman Halim Ishak said food like these should be taken off shelves until FDA approval and proven no health risks posed. 

Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah Wilfred Madius Tangau has also issued a statement on Facebook in regards to the candies ever growing popularity. 

The Health Ministry have assigned their Food Safety and Quality Division to check out the candies and whether they are a serious threat to kids or harmless as a feather.


Parents ought to keep tight reins on their kids’ diets, what they eat in and out of schools. 

More importantly, drill into their heads about what are dangerous to their health and why so. Kids are curious buggers so wouldn’t it be better if you were the one to tell them earlier about it rather than their weird friend whom you don’t trust?

My point, exactly.

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