Nemo The Fish Gets His Long Awaited "Wheelchair"

Nemo The Fish Gets His Long Awaited "Wheelchair"

By S. Gul

Don’t you just hate it when you get a fish to keep you company and you come home a few days later and find it upside down or at the bottom of the tank?

Nemo from Finding Nemo always had trouble staying upright and swimming coz of his tiny right fin. Too bad he didn’t have a human owner like Henry Kim to make him this cool fish "wheelchair". 

Henry stays in Seoul, South Korea and has over 20 goldfish in three different aquarium tanks in his home.

The poor guy got fed up when a bunch of his pet goldfish died from swim bladder disorder and decided it was time he did something about it. It sucks, I know...

Combining forces of ,     and his underwater enthusiasm, the 32-year-old fashion designer got to work and came out with this wicked contraption made from plastic that has enough trapped air to keep the fishy afloat and freedom to swim around. 

Look how adorable the fishy looks :3 You can almost feel how happy it is..awwwww

Henry has proven his device helped his swim bladder disordered fish to surpass its life expectancy of a couple of months, to five months. Wow...That there is a medical marvel! 


The device looks pretty dope, not gonna lie. Henry added a trendy twist to the wheelchair which makes it look like a statement piece belonging on the runway.

Handy and trendy -  best combo eva!

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