Traffic Cop Praised for Unclogging Streets... with his Bare Hands!

Traffic Cop Praised for Unclogging Streets... with his Bare Hands!

By S. Gul

We’ve got a live one folks! Nope, not a fish.

Come on, we all know fishes are now replaced with biodegradable rubbish.

Am I being bitter? Maybe a little. Sarcastic? 100%

Circling around every town are stories of police officers filled with heroism, bravery and selflessness.

They don’t bust bad guys to keep neighbourhoods safe, they keep them clean too!

If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook lately (scoff, of course you have) you would have come across the post of a traffic police officer named L/Cpl Mohd Amirul Mohd, getting on his hands and knees to clean out a drain on the side of the road after the rain….WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

My OCD and germaphobe peeps, breathe...breeeathhhheeee….

Watch the video here:

The heroic Amirul reached into the drain a few times to try pulling out all the gunk.

He didn’t even think twice about the possible diseases, bacteria, bugs, insects or the clown from IT pulling him in and eating him. 

Many commenters were so glad to have such a kind souled officer who was not bound by his stated duties but the general aim of helping others and the society. 

Think about it, this one act prevented the possibility of a flood and think of the traffic that would have brewed from that one blockage on the road!

News travels fast, even the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement (JSPT) chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Azisman Alias commended Amirul for his dedication. What an honor! Amirul put himself on the map and he should be helleva proud of himself!

Azisman mentioned, “any officer who performs a good deed will receive a letter of appreciation and will be considered for promotion, as encouragement. We want more of our officers to behave in a noble way.”

For his excellent service Amirul is now an outrider for the Deputy Prime Minister. WOAH!!!! 

Enjoying the fruits of his hard work and initiative - this is one of the many times we are proud of being in a nation with so much love and compassion for their community!

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