This Gorgeous Young 'Judge' is Trending All Over the Internet! All Rise in the Court!

This Gorgeous Young 'Judge' is Trending All Over the Internet! All Rise in the Court!
Jul 19, 2019
5:27 pm

by Mitchell W.

In just a week, this beautiful young girl in a judge robe was blowing up on Twitter and now everyone wants to know who she is!

Would you be surprised if these Likes came from former convicts?

So I would wonder if this young lady, being a judge, would either:

1. Get Regular people purposely committing crime, just to meet her..


2. Turn all convicts to the Right Side of the Law(?)

Well, lemme introduce you to Leanna Leonardo, a 22-year-old law student from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta.


Yeah I couldn't quite believe that she's 22 years old either...

She looks like she's just starting Secondary School man...

However, lemme clarify something first...

She's NOT YET a judge, but she's studying hard to get there...

Don't be mad; the pictures of her in the judge robes are real -- just that she's practicing for moot (a mock judicial proceeding).

Leanna also did clear the air of all the confusion going on, about how she became a full-fledge court judge at such a young age, on her Instagram.

Now, I know that you guys are already gonna start hunting for her Instagram and other social media pages -- and if you spent the time to read this article thoroughly, you'd notice that I inserted the link somewhere -- so happy hunting cool

However, she's NOT SINGLE, so sorry guys..and ladies too(?)

Unfortunately, Leanna has already been spoken for.

Many netizen were pretty cruel with their criticisms of how he isn't "good enough" for her bla bla bla...

Stop being jealous cause the two are happy together. Tough luck mate...


Well if she doesn't make it to become the Head of the Court, at least we all know she'll have a bright future in the modelling and entertainment industry yeah?

(Oh, you're welcome btw...) #CuciMataSaja

Vanei Koh wow!
Ashraf Nisfudin Id let her judge me anytime cuz she court me on fayaaaa

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