Trouble In Paradise For This Sultan- How Russia Did Him Wrong.

Trouble In Paradise For This Sultan- How Russia Did Him Wrong.
Jul 18, 2019
6:27 pm

By S. Gul

Hold on a second- didn’t these two like JUST get married a year ago? Boy was that quick.

This news has people whiplashing and curious on why the break up happened so fast.

Not that we were expecting them to in the first place *cough cough*

50-year-old Sultan of Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V divorced former Russian beauty pageant contestant Rihana Oksana Voevodina, 26 (mmhmm) after a wedding which made international news but Istana Negara was on the hush hush about any official statements on the merge. 

You’d think Rihana would post such huge news with the world through Insta when the separation was confirmed on July 1, at the Singapore Syariah Court.

Unfortunately, her account is as dry as overdone chicken with no juicy gossip for us to feed our black souls on. 

P.S follow her @rihanapetra to see what she will get up to after.

The 14 posts will have to do for now, until she gets back to being a single pringle and floods her IG with drool worthy posts. Olala. 

There were rumors about the couple’s marriage being in rough waters but Rihana’s dad put them to rest and said he would have known if any of them were true. 

The root cause of the divorce is all we’re looking for, is that too much to ask? Probably. 

The divorce certificate is going around the net conforming that they are indeed, separated. Now, just need to know why... What we do have for you guys is that it was a “talak tiga” divorce a.k.a an irrevocable divorce.

The couple cannot remarry unless the woman marries another man, and this man, of his own free will, divorces her or dies.

Rihana had said she hoped her son would one day become the state’s crown prince and the “future king of Malaysia”.

Man, did this get the royal family all riled up. 

“Such unrefined understanding of royal customs is very unbecoming. You need to be a royal in order to be Raja Perempuan Kelantan,” said a source close to the royal circles.

A little salty, are we now? Can’t blame em for protecting their bloodlines and keeping their traditions and customs safe but might wanna chill a tad bit, don’t cha think?

Royal disputes are so interesting to watch unfold but there are people’s lives involved and they have feelings which they can’t publicly express to others. They can’t make a story on IG about what happened to get it off their chests. 

Would you risk being so secluded from the public just to get a taste of being a royal?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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