Breaking Mental Boundaries In New Malaysia?

Breaking Mental Boundaries In New Malaysia?
Jul 15, 2019
5:09 pm

By S.  Gul

Man and dog’s relationship goes way way waaaayyyyy back.

Animals are one of the most incredible creatures to walk on the face of the earth, no joke.  

This is a genuine story that would move you to the very core.

Starring a person who had never touched a dog before, Mohd Bedok Bedik La came through with helping this poor little pupper out.

JUST LOOK AT THE ANGEL! (the dog I mean)

Kindness truly has no boundaries nor limits.

He shared the whole ‘Pupper Rescue Mission’ on Facebook which got quite a number of likes and shares.

Who wouldn’t be proud of such a fellow citizen?!

The pupper was somewhere near Mohd’s house and as Mohd got back from a hard day of work, he saw the dog and tried chasing it away at first but then looked closely…..and saw a long rope around its neck which tied it down to the spot. Oh no!

Cue sad puppy eyes. No one can resist its charms. It managed to melt Mohd’s heart (which didn’t take long tbh) getting him to gear up for the rescue mission. 

Still being highly cautious, Mohd fed it some chicken to save him from being bitten- donned gloves and grabbed a pair of scissors to free the pup. He couldn’t help but pet the dog. I’d cuddle the little cutie and convince it being the best doggo in the entire world. 

Little did Mohd know, his whole life had changed for the better. The dog was patched up, named Johnny and got adopted all by Mohd, himself!

Oh, and Johnny is now the official garden watchdog of Mohd’s residence. What a good boy! So proud of you Johnny. 

Here are what some people had to say about the pair:

Proud that there are still people like that in this world and have such compassion to help others in this world. 

Bet the duo won't be leaving each other's side anytime soon. 

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