Layer Up Or Strip Down In 30 Years Time…

Layer Up Or Strip Down In 30 Years Time…
Jul 15, 2019
12:03 pm

By S. Gul

It’s 2019 where people are liking a 20 something year old billionaire's instagram posts of her new makeup kit and climate change doesn’t even get a second glance.

2050 will come sooner than you’d think and that’s not the time to worry-- now is. (I didn't disguise Kylie Jenner very well, did I?)

 If you think the weather in Malaysia is messed u now, reports are just in saying 2050 is when all hell will break loose with weather never before seen. 

The report also mentioned that 20 percent of the world’s cities are gonna have wicked (and not the good kind) climate changes-most being tropical countries. OMG! THAT’S US!

Crowther Lab, a Switzerland-based interdisciplinary climate research group (the name shows that they mean business) said hot cities are gonna get to boiling temps whereas tropical climates will get drier, more rainstorms and droughts. 

The center’s report specifically mentions Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta as cities at risk of these unparallelled climate conditions.

To give a visual:

In 2050, London would resemble Barcelona’s climate today, Madrid’s would resemble Marrakesh, Stockholm’s would resemble Budapest, and Tokyo’s would resemble Changsha.

Meanwhile, KL’s average temperature most prolly will increase (oh boy) by 2.3 degrees. Like it’s not hot enough here already. 

I know it is hard to see a measly 2.3 degree having such a huge effect but on a sunny day is when your skin will be screaming for some shade and moustache flooding with sweat (both men and women). Makeup melting the second you step out of an air conditioned room (again, both men and women).

Your skin begging for some moisturizing, but the cream then causes you to sweat and and- it’s all very convoluted! 

We should do our part and help reduce the cause of climate changes. Plant more trees and plants in your garden, do try to carpool or walk to nearby places and don’t burn tires in your backyard (there are still some peeps who do know who you are!).

There are a million ways to save our earth from going down the drain and taking us with it, so why not start now before it’s too late...

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