Lunatic Fighting Machine Husband Smacks Up Wife For 3 Hours NON-STOP.

Lunatic Fighting Machine Husband Smacks Up Wife For 3 Hours NON-STOP.
Jul 10, 2019
10:14 am

By S. Gul

Don’t go all macho-macho when someone calls you a fighting machine, it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Not in the case of domestic abuse at least.

Why can’t some men get this through their thick heads?

Take this South Korean fella for instance, a video of him beatin’ his Vietnamese wife in front of their 2-year-old infant went viral on the net. Aw hell naw dude, what’s the matter with chu?

See for yourself:

Apparently, the 36-year-old abuser and his 30-year-old lady live in South Jeolla Province after dating for three years previously.

On 4th July (hello fireworks) at around 9pm, the man went berserk pissed after he saw that his wife made cooked Vietnamese food rather than Korean… 0.o.

Apparently, he had childishly told her he didn’t like her native food. We ain’t in middle school anymore where you complain about what your mom packed for you in your lunch box dude. 

Food wasn’t the only thing he had problems with her about (no surprise there), he was upset about her not knowing Korean well. Well instead you could’ve gotten he some classes or maybe you’re just a terrible teacher yourself… 


So with no mercy, he began to punch, kick, shout and even throws in a soju bottle when his arms seemingly got tired after the three hours of the brutality. 

Meanwhile, their young kid is there in the background watching it all unfold while his mind is registering the actions. Embedding themselves in his head for (god forbid) future use. 

Then he pulls off the most bipolar move ever, where he turns to Mr.Nice and asks his wife to stop crying and to tuck in the kid for bed as he just walks away. WTF?!  


When the wife reported her husband, the popo moved her and the son to a local shelter.

The husband, thankfully was put behind bars but the wife got the fruits of the touture which included several fractured ribs which would take about four weeks to recover.

The authorities are doing their best to help out the mother and child by finding a suitable agency for them to help get them back on their feet. 


Domestic abuse is no jokeand can really mess with people's minds-young and old. do report any cases if you find it happening to someone close to you. 

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