Holy Cr*p! 20 Year Old Man Wakes Up Right Before Going 6 Feet Under. How Is That Even Possible?!

Holy Cr*p! 20 Year Old Man Wakes Up Right Before Going 6 Feet Under. How Is That Even Possible?!
Jul 9, 2019
6:06 pm

By S. Gul

This is some cultist Henry Blackwood sh*t right here, boo. Things like this is just spooky af and should only happen in movies. Sleep has escaped me now for sure. 

Muhammad Furqan in Lucknow, India had been unconscious since an accidnet that happened on 21 June.

From then, his family had spent a ton of cash on med bills and such-bringing it up to a total of INR700,000 (RM41,507). 

Which middle class family could handle such a dent in their finances-which lead to informing the hospital that they had run out of cash. 

You wouldn’t believe what these professional doctors did in return- they declared Furqan deadYo, their degrees ought to be checked for authenticity as well as their morals. 

Devastated, his family began funeral arrangements and it was there where the family started to suspect Furqan’s limbs moving but paid no importance to it. This is giving me the heebie jeebies. 

Then just as he was about to be buried, the 20-year-old woke up and most probably scared the living daylights out of everyone. 

After everyone composed themselves, Furqan was brought to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, where he was declared to be in critical condition but definitely not brain dead. A dead body moving his limbs wasn’t a sign enough?! Sighh

The dude had a pulse, blood pressure and reflexes for crying out loud, said a medical officer in Lucknow.

Imagine if he woke up just 20 minutes late, he would have woken up to closed coffin with no way out and oxygen running out fast. 


Have doctors lost their compassion for patience where patients stopped seeming like people to them with lives and loved ones?

Is it all about the money for them and not the practise of bettering another?

Sad to say, these set of doctors seem to be in the wrong profession for having such negative morals. 

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