7 Instagrammable Spots In KL That You Won't Believe Exist!

7 Instagrammable Spots In KL That You Won't Believe Exist!
Jun 11, 2019
5:53 pm

by Gen Yeo

Looking to UP your Insta-game?

No need to headache over flight tickets or thinking 'Where on Earth' to go to.

Grab your camera and prep your OOTDs cause here are 7 LOCAL Spots that you MUST visit!


1. Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur, also known as Bukit Hangus is a magnificent limestone ridge, which is only 30 minutes away from the city centre. The quartz crystal hill is home to 250 species of plants and wildlife.

It is popular amongst local hiking enthusiasts due to its accessibility, lush trails, and rewarding panorama at the peaks.

As you trek along the ridge, enjoy the scenic backdrop of Kuala Lumpur, the Gombak forest reserve, and the Klang dam.

Cr: Insta @ivanliew_

Wahh.. damn nice right? What are you waiting for! Gather your pals and let's go on a hike!

"The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Cr: Insta

For more information, kindly visit:


2. Putra Mosque

Located in Putrajaya, the Putra Mosque is simply MAGNIFICENT from in and out.

Cr: Insta @6ixty8ight68

The pink-domed mosque is exquisitely embellished with rose-tinted granite, and it faces the tranquil Putrajaya lake. The basement wall of the mosque is inspired by the King Hassan Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco, while its stunning minaret is influenced by the Sheikh Omar Mosque in Baghdad.

Cr: Insta @thanida_trakul

OMG, so dreamy right~

Cr: Insta @xcelia_6026x 

Non-Muslims are permitted to visit outside of prayer time as long as they are dressed respectfully.

Female visitors will be given a pink hooded robe at the counter.

Click to view visiting hours.


 3. Moroccan Pavilion

The Moroccan Pavilion is located within the Putrajaya Botanical Park. Once you step foot through the gargantuan doors, the Moorish architecture instantly transports you to Morocco!

Cr: Insta @muryum_l

 The galleries are designed based on the 4 Imperial cities- Fez, Meknes, Rabat and Marrakech.

Go get that perfect vacay photo!

Cr: Insta @amrlhlm


4. Federal Territory Mosque (Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan) 

Another mosque on the list? It’s no surprise... because LOOK.

The architecture and designs are just exquisite!

Cr: Insta

The Federal Mosque is inspired by both Ottoman and Malay culture and heavily influenced by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Cr: Insta @nataliamrberton 

Uyuni Salt Flats what?? You don't have to travel to Bolivia for that crisp ground reflection anymore!

Remember to dress up conservatively. Hoods will be given as well, no worries!

Click to view visiting hours.


5. Kwai Chai Hong (Lorong Panggung)

There are origin theories around the unnerving name, so maybe it's actually not supernatural... One of them was that the migrant workers from China used the colloquial term "kwai chai" to refer to the mischevious children running around Lorong Panggung in the rain.

Kwai chai?? Why so scary wan...

Note: kwai chai= little ghost in Cantonese

The street bears the memories of Malaysia's Chinese community back in the 1960s. In April 2019, Kwai Chai Hong is restored and revamped to pay homage to the cultural legacy. The street is a time portal to the past.

Indulge in the stories that the historical lots tell and enjoy the picture-worthy interactive murals.

Cr: Insta @livelifelah

Cr: Insta @huiyiiiiiiiii


 6. Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang

Cheh... You must be thinking.. Just a regular a FOOD street what..

Joey Cheesecake GIF - Joey Cheesecake Fork GIFs

Hear me out, hear me out...

Jalan Alor, is given a breath of (an insta-worthy) life by the DBKL Laneway Project!

Cr: onceuponajourney

This makeover is amazing right??

Cr: Insta @rahfadzillah

Being here feels like a scene from a Futuristic Sci-Fi film...where you can be the protagonist!


7. Linc KL

This new kid on the block is a spacious and artsy mall. The art installations really pull you into another world; and the interior merges art + contemporary + nature (live and artificial plants) into this wonderful concoction that awaits your exploration.


Cr: ericgoesto

Hmm...I'm getting that Tokyo, Japan Art Museum vibes from this installation called "Doves".

Cr: Insta @kinchun_

Now, it's the safari vibes?

Cr: Insta @azwinshafinaz

They built the mall over existing trees! How cool is that!


You don't have to travel far for your feed because it's all here in KL! (...& Putrajaya)

(As cliche as it may seem, Malaysians see that the grass is greener on the other side. Maybe you should give her a chance?)

So What Are You Waiting For??

Let's go do some sight-seeing through those camera lenses!

Dory Big Eyes GIF - Dory BigEyes ComingAtYou GIFs

Vanei Koh wanna go!

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