Famous American YouTuber Demolished 5 Ultimate Burgers Under 8 Mins in PJ!

Famous American YouTuber Demolished 5 Ultimate Burgers Under 8 Mins in PJ!
Jun 11, 2019
8:06 am

by Mitchell W.

Yo I'm super upset that I didn't get the memo that Randy Santel came to Malaysia -- and to make it worse, he was less than 15 mins away from my house!

The Beast, Randy "Atlas" Santel is a famous American YouTuber with over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, who also has THE BEST JOB ON THE PLANET -- travel the world to EAT!

Randy is famously known for hitting up food joints and demolishing super tough food challenges -- to a point of devouring a massive pile of food that would make an Average Joe puke.

Forget about "Mukbang" man... this guy eats stuff that would make your mouth water -- so keep in mind to stay clear of his videos if you're hungry.

If you wanna check out his videos, be sure to follow him on YouTube by clicking right HERE.

Sorry, swayed off topic for a moment there...

Anyway as part of his '18-Country 2018 Summer Tour' (yes it's 2019, but it's still part of his 2018 tour), Randy headed over to Kalamazoo Restaurant & Cafe @ Aman Suria, PJ to take on the 'Ultimate Pork Burger Challenge' -- whereby anyone interested in challenging their jaw and belly, would have to chow down hard on 5 huge pork burgers (not halal, sorry...) in just a short 10 mins!

Check out how he did!

Damn... I was full from just watching him eat all of that. Sheesh...

If you're interested in starting a career as a Professional Food Eater, remember to do your cardio -- else you might end up like this...



See what I mean?

Vanei Koh wooooots!

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