Top 5 Parks to Visit for a Romantic Date

Top 5 Parks to Visit for a Romantic Date
Jun 11, 2019
3:40 am

by Gen Yeo

So.. what do you do in your free time?

Aiya.. what else..

Café-hopping/ boba-queueing/ window-shopping lor.. zzz

Don’t these things get repetitive after some time?

Isn't your boyfriend/ girlfriend complaining that dates are getting boring after awhile??

Well.. it’s time for a breath of fresh air!

Pack your sandwiches, jogging gears and camera, because here are FIVE gorgeous parks in KL that you should visit for an exciting change!


  1. Titiwangsa Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Titiwangsa)

This park was designed in 1980 by Rio Takahashi, a Japanese landscape architect.

The main feature- the lake was a remainder of the tin-mining activities from the British colonial era.

Now, it is a serene lake reflecting the KL cityscape.

Photophiles, alert!

Cr: Insta @tkdnxv

Cr: Insta @wayne.wong7

There are many activities at Titiwangsa Park that cater to visitors of all ages and interests.

The things that you can do here include cycling, boating, and even horse-back riding and CONTROL-CAR RACING! How cool is that!

Racing Speeding GIF - Racing Speeding Switchinglanes GIFs

Titiwangsa Lake Gardens is also a stone-throw away from the National Theatre (Istana Budaya) and National Art Gallery. Add THAT to your itinerary!

For more information, please check out:


  1. Desa Parkcity Central Park

Attention, attention! To all pet-owners!

A huge, beautiful well-maintained park, hustling and bustling with furry friends, next to a mall with pet-friendly retail and F&B outlets.. Need I say more?

Look at this!!! I want to jump into the screen to pet this fella!

Cr: Insta @q14oyun

Who knows, your bachelor doggo might find his beau at the park!! Wow, I'm seeing *SPARKS*!

Ladyandtramp Disney GIF - Ladyandtramp Disney Kiss GIFs

Cr: Insta @loymabel

Cr: Insta @caicaidiary

Don’t you hate seeing the look of sadness on your fur-kids when you leave the house without them.... Aww..Poor thing...

Tears GIF - Tears Sad Shiba GIFs

Sad puppy-face no more, because you can bring them to hang-out at this pet-friendly park!

The official webpage for the Central Park:


  1. Bukit Jalil Park (Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil)

You will see children happily feeding the catfish in the ponds.

Indulge in the sense of a liveliness as you pass by folks practicing chi gong and Zumba. As you go further, you will find the lush foliage framing the pathway and birds chirping in the background.

You will feel as if you have entered a forest in the middle of the suburbs. Chill vibes <on>.

And...Keep an eye out for the monkeys, squirrels, and fish-feeding birds!

Cr: Insta @samuel.pang

Furthermore, there is also an international garden (laman antarabangsa) show-casing gardens from 10 different countries for you to explore! (To satisfy your wanderlusty soul)

For more information, visit:


  1. KL Lake Gardens/ Perdana Botanical Gardens/ Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park

There are SO MUCH to explore here!

You get to visit many beautiful gardens that comes with unique landscaping, to name a few: Cycad Island, Sunken Garden, Hibiscus Garden, and Forest Tree Collection. It’s a true haven for botanic lovers.

Cr: Insta @mariakangaspeska

You know the sceneries are worth coming for when it is a known hotspot for wedding photoshoots.

Cr: Insta @_camexplorer_

Tired of plants?? The compound also houses National Mosque, Islamic Arts Museum, National Monument, National Planetarium, National Museum, Bird Park, Butterfly Park and ASEAN Sculpture Garden.

If you're a lazy person (like me), fret not, as shuttle trams are readily available or join a tour on a Segway! Sore feet no more!

Find out more on their official website.


  1. KL Forest Eco Park (Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve)

The KL Forest Eco Park have served as a natural green lung for KL city since it was founded in 1906. Situated strategically next to the KL tower, it is a popular ecotourism spot. Visitors of all ages could enjoy exploring the park through its fairly easy trails.

The Canopy Walk is a MUST visit to garnish your adventurous soul! 

Not convinced yet? 

Ok Ok.. Imagine this.. You’re trekking through an ancient tropical rainforest. As you walk on the suspension bridge, a hidden city peeks through the foliage and slowly unfolds itself into full view. What a story these pictures tell!

Cr: Insta @desywulandarie

Cr: Insta 

Click on the link to find out more:


Bonus: National Zoo (Zoo Negara)

If you’re not much of a flora person, maybe you will fawn over some faunas! (Get it?? Oh nvm..) 

(Ok lahh I'm kinda cheating here but Zoos are just parks with exotic animals right RIGHT?)

Let’s go visit our furry pals at the Zoo!

Cr: Insta @heyypaan

P/S: Picnic areas are available within the Zoo. 

Visit the link for more information:


Guys, you better start brushing up on your photography skills cause your gal is surely gonna bug the hell outta you for those hot Insta shots.

On the bright side, you'll save a heck lot more money than you would spend on a fancy dinner or at the mall... so it's a Win-Win situation.

Vanei Koh WOW <3!

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