Heartbroken Man Turns into One Punch Man after Wife Divorces Him.

Heartbroken Man Turns into One Punch Man after Wife Divorces Him.

by Mitchell W.

A Japanese man really showed his ex-wife what she's missing out on after a mega transformation, from Humpty Dumpty to one of Japan's most iconic superhero - One Punch Man!

 Instead of wallowing over pints and pints of ice cream to get over his heartbreak, Shirapyong (his Twitter handle @lonestarsde66) proved to his ex that this "bald, dumpy, and middle-aged" guy has a heck more potential than she's deserving of enjoying now.

This is a true inspiration for any guy who is going through a rough patch in his love life, never let yourself go cause someone is going to love and accept you for the way you are.

He won the 4th place in the Tokyo Open Bodybuilding Tournament’s over-40-years-old division recently in May!

It only gets better...

Meet his new love!

Who knew getting into bodybuilding could ever be this beneficial eh?

...and the couple even has a kid together -- meet One Punch Man Junior!

Now how many pints of ice cream do you think his ex is gorging herself over after realizing that she messed up?

Ladies, remember -- it's the size of your man's heart that matters, and not the size of his belly.

TIP: Heartbreak is the Key to turning any guy super ripped.

Don't believe me? Dump your boyfriend then... just don't regret it when you see him in a few months.

Vanei Koh wow!! niceee!

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